How to Place Bets on CSGO

The concept of e-sports has finally expanded the list of official sports disciplines, so the stakes on the game are no different from the sports tote. Moreover, the size of the rates and the potential profit can be much greater than in other sports. There are two popular types of rates CS: GO, this is a roulette and the games themselves. Of course, bets are made on the most top matches in CS CS in which famous teams from different leagues participate, so without knowledge in this sphere, it is better not to waste your time. Similar bets are accepted on .

In addition to selling and exchanging skins, it is possible to bet on famous teams and their victory or defeat in a particular match. All this requires a clear understanding and knowledge, because you need to correctly calculate the strength of the team, its game in the current season, and many other conditions, so that the forecast is justified. The process of betting is fairly simple, but not all players have mastered it, so we need to dwell on this in more detail.

A Guide on How to Place CSGO Bets

Before betting on CSGO, check the algorithm of actions:

  • First, you need to go to the CS GO site: and log in with your Steam account. The website does not ask for any information, so you shouldn't worry about the security of the information, besides, the betting site is a resource with a good reputation.
  • After that, you just need to insert in your profile on the site your link to the trade and you can proceed to the rates in CS: GO.
  • When your account is ready, you can choose the appropriate matches and the teams that you want to bet on. This procedure is performed in a few clicks, besides on the site itself, there are hints for beginners.
  • After selecting the game and the team, your inventory will be opened in the CS CS. Only allowable items will be available in it.
  • You are recommended to check the list of the items that are't suitable for bets. They may vary from site to site but in most cases, these are skins, the cost of which is estimated to be higher than $ 60.

Do not forget that if you want to return the bet, then you will return the skin without stickers. Otherwise, the rules are simple - you just need to pass the skins through the bot. The size of the win depends on the ratio of the particular match and team.